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  1. Hi Lex,
    I think of you often. I myself have become somewhat housebound, so I am always thrilled to hear you are grabbing life by the horns! I am embarrasingly overweight now. You would not believe it, but oh so true. This limits my courage to try to visit you….none the less, have fond memories of our younger days as close friends.
    Maybe turning 65 in June will help free me up and give me courage to visit.
    I have 2 new cats in my life now…and boy howdy, are they great: Goose and Petey! Trying to put up a Christmas tree for the first time in about 10 years… hope the thing is still standing by the 25th. The cats seem only mildly interested so far. Waiting to put glass ornaments on until I see how this first step goes.
    Trying to start loving life again!! Discovered Amos Lee this year ( always a little late to the party) and went to see him at DPAC. That was my first time going there. How nice! And found it very accomodating to those of us that can’t walk very well. I shall try that again. His performance was spectacular.
    Also amazed at our glorious downtown! Isn’t the new growth terrific? It has even made my rentals on Trinity hot properties. I feel very blessed about that.
    You take care, and by the way, love your art on the opening page. Tells me a lot about your status.
    Love you, Jane

  2. Hey Huckster……long time no communications…..I apologize for the break.

    Read your last entry…..once again our paths have crossed as I accompany my son each new step on his journey.

    Demos was around the last couple of days and I was sharing with him my deep sadness around Kai’s challenges. He reminded me of an ancient Buddhist proverb that goes something like: “If you really want to drive yourself crazy just try and understand the personal nature of karma”. It helps when I slip into that “Why Kai” question that will never be answered.

    Regarding meditation these is a wonderful little book by Paramahansa Yogananda (author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi) called “Scientific Healing Affirmations” that you might appreciate and find useful.

    Saw don Pedro at Walter’s birthday…..sorry you weren’t there. You missed my publicly shared gift to Walter of an AARP swinging singles clothing optional cruise (theme is “not quite a teenager anymore”). Lots of love and teasing……he enjoyed every bit of it.

    Turkey Gumbo is not on my diet plan, but I like the site…..keep writing.
    In friendship,

  3. Great stuff on your new site and love the name, think of X every time. Glad to see you doing well. Peace and love. Bigman

  4. Brother Lex –

    I’m enchanted to be your latest blog-subscriber and thrilled to see what (and how) profound work you’re doing. And sharing. And a Beauty BE you, my friend…. Xo Jai

  5. Lex. If I could get the democrats to read your blog we might be able to turn things around in Washington. I had some turkey gumbo once. Turned my face orange.

  6. Love the new site…and I especially enjoyed …”when you lose focus, begin again”… On some many levels, what a great thought to go back to over and over!

  7. Lex,
    I’m so happy to have found out about your new blog. I was just going to glance at it, and had to keep going back post after post until I read it all! I’ve always loved the way you write, and you made me think. I don’t do that every day (think…) but it always seems like a good idea.

  8. Hello Lex,
    I was so excited yesterday when Chuck told me you started blogging. I couldn’t wait to sign up…to read what inspiring thoughts and ideas and musings are turning around in your extraordinary soul. Thank you for sharing with us!
    (We are close to having the new label for the granola. I want to share the finished result with you and Daniel when it’s final.)
    And, a beauty to you, Lex.

  9. Lex,
    So happy to subscribe to your blog! You write so eloquently! I love your wine knowledge, and you can pick them so tastefull for your friends! You add beauty to all! Xoxo, Trix

  10. LEX (Pup) it was great to visit again with you @ BR MG….Thanks for the pink hat…wear it offer…It was raining here today so I remembered the hat had you blog address on the back. So I sat down and have read everyone of your writings ….So so enjoyable….Patty Sue and I are going to take your advice and get some of your wine suggestions…. Great writing keep up the good work… lym… ronnie g

  11. Dear Lex,
    I met you at Charlie’s around the Hill Center event. I am the tall texan who talked about my love of The Lex at Sandwhich, and the original Whole Foods on Lamar that flooded regularly. And 3 Cups, the chocolate and coffee there! Loved reading your passage about coffee, I buy Peet’s when I am in Colorado, away from my Ethiopian Yiriagaffe here in NC. (CoffeeAm dot com). Love my Peet’s.

    It was so great to meet you, and I am hopeful you’re having a good October. All best, Lisa Brown

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