the story behind “and a beauty to you”

lexheadshot“A beauty to you” is a positive salutation that I learned from my good friend and mentor, Alexander Law, who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Xan, as he’s called, answers his phone, “And a beauty to you!” and greets people throughout his day with, “And a beauty to you!” instead of “hello” or “good morning” or “good afternoon.” Xan says he learned it from a man in Scotland. I find it much more interesting and positive than “hello” or “good morning.”

A beauty can be anything from a nice shirt, an order at a restaurant that comes out good (that’s a beauty), and it’s probably used most often to describe a good golf shot. When I say, “And a beauty to you,” what I’m intending is that your day might contain lots of beauties, and that seeing you is a beauty to me. It’s a toast to people, friends and strangers alike.



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    • Thank you for a perfectly lovely time. We were surrounded by the best people, fed divine food, drank intinicatoxgly delicious wine and listened to sweet music. You are the Queen of Play. You lead the rest of us into a good time frame of mind and we leave our troubles behind. We will sleep better for the time spent in your company. Thank you again.

    • “All their enemies have is impotent rage mixed with envy at the success of the Zionist experiment in Eretz Israel. ”yeah, I’m sure the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and the surviving families of the Holocause hated Nazi Germany, because it was such a sophisticated society and that they resented it.

  1. Lex-

    so happy to see you working a blog. it’s going to be a great way to enjoy the essence of you…. and all your beauty!

    • Sloan,

      on the right side of the blog under the search bar (above recent posts) should be a button to subscribe.



  2. Loved meeting you last night,Lex. Thank you for sharing poetry with us and for honoring my friend Vicki! I read a poem by Wendell Berry this morning and it reminded me of your wonderful gift! Happy Day! Owene

  3. No, no, there is no going back.
    Less and less you are
    that possibility you were.
    More and more you have become
    those lives and deaths
    that have belonged to you.
    You have become a sort of grave
    containing much that was
    and is no more in time, beloved
    then, now, and always.
    And so you have become a sort of tree
    standing over a grave.
    Now more than ever you can be
    generous toward each day
    that comes, young, to disappear
    forever, and yet remain
    unaging in the mind.
    Every day you have less reason
    not to give yourself away.

    ~ Wendell Berry ~

  4. Thank you for the very nice hat Mr Alexander. Anytime you need anything from the cart barn just let me know.

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