Another Thanksgiving wine

Last night I remembered something that I meant to say about Thanksgiving wines but totally forgot… I was having dinner with Andre Tamers, who imports wonderful wines – mostly from Spain (, and realized I had been remiss in leaving his wine out of my post. It is the perfect sort of red that I was describing yesterday. The wine comes from the northwest of Spain, a part of Spain they call the celtic or green Spain because it looks more like Ireland than the sunny south of Spain.It is the region that produces the stunningly delicious Albarino and if you’re lucky enough to get a bottle from Andre’s producer, Do Ferreiro, you’ll really see how good Albarino can be.

But the red that I am talking about that would be great on Thanksgiving is Vina do Burato; a light, complex and elegant wine made from a grape called Mencia (Men-ThEE-a).

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