Pup’s Cups

My new business start-ups are over. My best friend Peter Roy has a good image of what it takes to start a small business, or any business for that matter. He says you have a tank, similar to an air tank, that contains energy/air that you use to get a business of the ground. When you start a business, like Ann and I started Wellspring Grocery in 1981, I was 29, and had a full tank. That business start-up emptied a lot of the contents of my tank. Subsequently, I’ve started quite a few more businesses, and essentially, my tank is empty. But I do have new business ideas, and sort of “shadow box” at them. I do have a blog, andabeautytoyou.com, which sells special hats similar to the way a small business would promote them, and I have a business of sorts up here in the NC mountains – it’s an early morning craft coffee delivery service, which I’ve given a name.

The only nickname I’ve ever really had is Pup, which was given to me my sophomore year at Wake Forest. A guy named Sam Kitchen, from Clinton, North Carolina, tagged me with this name because he said I was always snooping around, looking at people’s shoes and taking everything in like an inquisitive dog. When my first granddaughter was born, a friend from my college era contacted me to say, “Now you’re a Grandpup, and that would be a great name for your grandchild to call you”. In fact, my grandchildren have dropped the “Grand”, and both call me Pup. So, my coffee delivery service here in Blowing Rock is called Pup’s Cups.

Here’s a bit of wretched dogral

Here in the High Country I wake up real early in the morning before the sun comes up

And in very short order, I’ve crafted myself one blessed and bodacious cup

I sip and enjoy quietly and watch the sun come up

I’ll have another cup, and maybe a few

Then I’ll make more coffee, and go out to deliver in the morning dew

In my trusty golf cart, I hit all my regular spots

And they hear my morning call

“Coffeeee, Coffeeee!”

Pup out there delivering coffee

Always having a ball

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