Rose` Rocks!

There was a time when I couldn’t sell a bottle of pink wine. Thank goodness for us all that these times have changed!

My mission has always been to promote wines that are created by small farmers in their own cellars from their grapes grown on their properties vs. the large production of wine factories. Many people are beginning to appreciate supporting the importance of small growers and wine makers. You could say that there is a story in every sip that you will taste from wines made from the producers that I love!

I have chosen two rose` wines from small producers for the tasting I will be doing this coming Friday, April 4th from 4 to 6pm at Parker and Otis in Durham, NC. One rose` is from Spain the other is from New York. Both wines are a great deal for less than $20 a bottle. When you know -like I do, the hand labor that has gone into crafting real wines like these (there’s really not a good word to describe this, some call them natural wines). It makes your realize that the price is a good value. Value does not always mean $2.99.

What is happening with this appreciation for the small producers is that there is more demand for the smaller producers’ wines. This is good and this is bad. It’s good that the wines that I like from small producers are being well supported. It’s bad because there is not enough wine to go around. When there is greater demand for wine than there is supply, it goes into a category called allocation. One of the wines that I will be offering at Parker and Otis this week falls into the category of wines that are allocated.

I will be pouring Ameztoi Rosé Getariako Txakolina. This is most often referred to simply as Txakoli (chak-o-lee). I love the flavors of this wine, the refreshing quality it brings to the palate, the light spritz, and the low alcohol content. I can’t imagine a better wine for summer weather. I am going to warn all of you who will love this wine – get ahead of the game and pick up more than a bottle or two. I had friends who were sadly disappointed last July when they realized that all of this spritzy summer wine had been quickly cleared off of the shelves.

Ametzoi rose

Friday we will have less than 50 bottles of the Ameztoi available. This wine has been allocated. We must raise our glass to fellow Chapel Hillian, Andre` Tamers of De Maison Selections for putting the Ameztoi Rose` on the map. It’s his responsibility to figure out how to allocate less than 5,000 cases of the cult-followed wine around the country. Andre` buys the entire production of this wine That’s quite the job.

When I asked of the guys from De Maison Selections what has created such a cult following for this wine, he replied, “that I think when people taste it that they have never tasted anything like it.”

Now if you had told me a few years back that these wines would be in such demand, I am not sure if I would have believed you.  I have been promoting wines like this rose` all along. A piece that I wrote a few years ago began with the sentence “rose` has a terrible image,” but it seems that is no longer the case. The rose`s like the one’s from Neal Rosenthal that I so enthusiastically supported in years gone by, are so popular now that I can hardly get my hands on them today. We’ve come a long way baby! These pink wines of Europe are off to the races!

Rose has survived and surpassed the identity crisis it went through in the 80’s that was evoked by the popularization of White Zinfandel. These pink hued wines are in high demand. For the first time ever, people who want to open a bottle of rose a couple times a week are going to have to think ahead. I suggest buying more rose` than you will need for dinner tonight.

Would you like some assistance planning your spring and summer of rose`? It would be my pleasure to assist with your stocking-up plan. In addition to the Ametzoi, I will be pouring a Pinot Noir rose` from Dr. Konstantin Frank from the Finger Lakes area of New York State. Jennings Brody, the owner of Parker and Otis, gave me a bottle of this wine to taste. She has named this rose` as the wine she will be drinking all summer long, with good reason!

3rd generation wine maker,  Frederick Frank

3rd generation wine maker, Frederick Frank

It is no coincidence that I have loved many roses over the years. Some of the ones that I have enjoyed the most are made from the Pinot Noir grape. This wine whispers deliciousness from the fruit amplified by a slight hint of sweetness. It has a bright finish the makes it an excellent food wine. I am curious what it will whisper to you. Join me Friday for a taste!




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