The black wines of Cahors…

This Friday at Parker & Otis I’ll be tasting the original Malbec from southern France.

Most Americans know Malbec as an Argentinian wine and it’s become their signature grape. But it originated in France… thank you very much. For my money this is a much better wine, with far more polish and finesse than those cowboy wines from Argentina.  The Chateau Armandiere Ancestral Cahors I’ll be tasting on Friday also doesn’t come with a headache – its just 13% alcohol.

cahors wine Lets skip the flowery wine descriptors, that’s like telling the ending of a good movie, come and taste for yourself. I will tell you the wine insiders explanations for the relative obscurity of the black wines of Cahors. In days past it was not unheard of for Chateau in Bordeaux to add some of the richly color wine of Cahors to their blend to add color to their wines in poor years. These same winemakers, in cahoots with wealthy merchants who controlled the ports and employed assorted monkey business to keep the black wines of Cahors from being exported from France. Today is a different era, in fact our importer, Bruno Arricastres’s family live close to the Chateau.

As always, I’m in search of wine that taste more expensive than it sells for and this is a hell of a value for under $20. Come and see me on Friday.

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  1. We’re going to be in that part of the world in June and I am definitely looking forward to trying some of their wines. Thanks for the descriptors. Ken

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