Sweet Jupie

Gillian w:Norm

Gillian with Billy’s dog – Norm

I’d like to tell a story about Valentine’s Day and give a shout-out to Kevin Callaghan, friend and local restaurateur. It was Friday afternoon on Valentines day and I thought to myself I’ve done a pretty good job with Ann with a lot of help, Vernon is going to take Emily to Prune so she’ll be adored on Valentine’s Day, and then my thoughts fell to my youngest daughter … the apple of my eye … Jupie. She was working a shift at ACME on Friday night and I thought to myself if I could I would jump in my car, get a beautiful bouquet of flowers and drive to ACME to give Jupie a hug and tell her how lovely I think she is.

It was the height of rush hour and 15-501 was busy so I didn’t want to ask Ann to chauffeur me to get flowers and take them to Jupie because that would ruin her Valentine’s Day, so I sent Kevin a text and asked him if he would stand in as Juper’s dad and go wish her a happy valentine’s day and give her a hug … he texted back that the would … Juper does give the best hugs in town so I felt this wasn’t too much to ask, I wasn’t asking him to bring her flowers, just go out and give Jupie a hug from her Daddy.

Kevin not only stood in for me, but he made Juper feel special, which I had intended. I told this story a few days later and someone asked if not being able to drive is one of the worst things about my “new” life, to which I responded that this might be hard for folks to understand but I don’t think its even in the top 25. In fact, I don’t have learning how to drive again firmly on my list of things to accomplish.

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