Who Leona is…

I have been referencing Leona in some of my posts, which has led some people to ask who Leona is …

I talked, she typed and Annie took the picture

I talked, she typed and Annie took the picture

Leona’s parents live on our street and we knew her a little bit before she started coming a couple of days a week to help me do everything from getting to appointments to starting dinner in the afternoon, and she has done all of the blog posts with me. Here’s what I can tell you about Leona … she is kind, smart, very organized, a good driver and has good background and intuition about food and cooking and is interested in learning about wine. Here are some things you probably wouldn’t guess … Leona was born in Germany, she graduated from law school but has decided she isn’t sure whether she wants to practice law.

In a nutshell, I woke up way too early this morning after a terrible nightmare … I forgot what day it was … but eventually realized that Leona was coming this morning so I felt hopeful about the day and it has been a pretty good one. This was one of the things that I hoped to get accomplished today and I’ve done it!

and a beauty to Leona!

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