Braised Lamb Stew

I really hate recipes. I hate writing them and I hate cooking from them, but I promised to give people the braised chicken thighs recipe because that is so good. Today was supposed to be the day, but when I went into the fridge to find the chicken thighs I had salt and pepper at Whole Foods when I bought them for the braise they were no where to be found – I must have left them at WFM.

Annie had some lamb shoulder that she wanted to make into a stew and we had marinated it in yogurt with lemon juice, so Leona and I made lamb stew today instead of braised chicken thighs – I am not going to give you a recipe for the lamb stew, but I will say that these slow-cooking braises in the La Creuset pots make the house smell so good, and the anticipation is a great thing on a cold day like today.

Our plan is to try the chicken thigh braise on Monday and hopefully we will have something for you to cook from then. photo

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