Two Types of Hunger

Today I am going to give an introduction to a series of tales about having my senses delighted. I want to start by telling you that I think that there are two types of hunger that must be satisfied by food. The first time is physical hunger, which is very straightforward and everyone can understand it. Physical hunger is simply when have forgotten to eat or eaten very lightly at your last meal. It’s that feeling in your belly that can be satisfied by most any food. The second type of hunger is more subtle. I fear that many people don’t understand this second type of hunger or even recognize that it exists. I call this sensorial hunger, which can only be satisfied by the senses.

Here’s a story to illustrate these two types of hunger: Let’s say Randy had a busy day at work. He skipped lunch. Once he got home, he was ravenous. There was lots of physical hungry. He doesn’ t want to wait for takeout. He wants to stay home and watch his tv show. He searches his freezer for something to eat. He comes across a Lean Cuisine entree, turns on the oven and fires it in. When the timer goes off, randy retrieves the tin foil container, puts it on a TV tray and continues on to go watch his show. After he finishes the entire entree, some of the physical hunger is gone, but he’s left feeling un-satisfied. The food doesn’t taste good enough to really pay any attention to it. He can hardly remember eating it. The visual aesthetic of eating out of that container doesn’t add much to the experience of his supper. He returns to the freezer for another entree. He doesn’t feel full.

I believe that he’s not physically hungry. He’s now starved for his senses to be delighted. People don’t realize the importance of aesthetic in what they are eating. When you have a connection to your food that comes from picking the vegetables out of the garden, chopping them for your dinner, or buying them from the farmer at the market – that connection creates greater attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. There’s a greater chance that you’ll have greater sensory satisfaction from what you eat. When something is really delicious, it makes us happy and satisfied. I believe a smaller portion will fill you up. I want to tell 3 stories that I have experienced this last week where I encountered deliciousness. The food was so good that a small portion satisfied me-quite different from the Randy’s with the Lean Cuisine.

I will be back with my three stories next week.. stay tuned!